Primary Purpose:           

Operates several types of heavy equipment such as backhoe, loaders, cranes, and dozers to excavate, move earth, and grade earth, erect structural and reinforcing steel, pour concrete or other hard surface paving materials and set pipes and culverts, etc.


Typical Duties:                

Adjust handwheels and depresses pedals to drive machines and control attachments, such as blades, buckets, scrapers, and swing booms.  Controlling levers and pedals on assigned equipment to lower bucket or scoop up material, and to lift, swing, or dump material.  Positions crane boom and moving levers to control equipment.  May turn hand wheels on machine to adjust a blade attachment.  Performs maintenance duties such as cleaning, greasing, and oiling machines.  Where required, set up laser.  Perform other duties as assigned.



Workers should be able to:  practice good safety habits; work in dusty or dirty surroundings; follow instructions and meet set standards; judge distances and slopes accurately; and make decisions based on verifiable standards.  Physically, workers must be able to:  stoop, bend, crouch, climb ladder, and crawl; use hands, arms, and legs fully; see well; and lift and carry up to 100 pounds.​