Primary Purpose:                                         

Under the general supervision of the President, promotes and markets the services of Dellinger, Inc. primarily in the private sector and encourages, enforces, and teaches the safety policies of Dellinger, Inc.


Typical Duties:                               

Marketing and promotion of services that Dellinger, Inc. offers including searching out contacts; reading trade publications; completes pre-bid documents to get on bidders list; make personal contacts with owners; and networks for leads of any kind.


Responsible for supplying job superintendents with weekly tool box safety talks; performs safety inspections and reviews for all jobs; knowledgeable about OSHA regulations and requirements; Administers the Dellinger, Inc. Hazardous Waste Program; reviews blasting logs sent in by job superintendents; maintains explosives magazine inventory logs and locations; conducts substance abuse training on jobsites; oversees safety training program; makes recommendations about safety procedures and policies; oversees CDL (Commercial Driver's License) program and related information; handles all employee general education offered by Dellinger, Inc.; maintains audio and video tape library; and promotes the Supervisory Education Program.  Perform other duties as assigned.



Workers should be able to:  communicate effectively, verbally and in writing; be knowledgeable about OSHA requirements and regulations; speak clearly; have computer spreadsheet knowledge; have ability to organize and prioritize; follow oral and written instructions; have valid drivers license; and have technical knowledge about safety issues.  Physically, workers should be able to:  see well; use hands, arms, and fingers fully; coordinate the movements of hands, eyes, and fingers fully; sit or stand for long periods; move about freely; climb in and out of vehicles; maintain body balances; stoop; kneel; and crouch.​