Primary Purpose:           

Plans, directs, and coordinates the activities dealing with the Plant Division, including estimating work, managing projects, and training and supervising staff.  Advises, makes recommendations, and assists in the formulation of goals and objectives of the Plant


Typical Duties:                

Develops staffing plan and establishes work plan and schedules for all of Plant Division and assigns, monitors, and evaluates the work of all Plant Division superintendents.  Markets and promotes the services offered by Dellinger, Inc.; orders plans and specifications of projects to be bid; orders bid bonds for upcoming project bids; does on-site investigation of project to be bid including above ground, below ground, and accessibility to site; reads specification book; solicits prices for materials and subcontract work; and prepares a complete estimate of the total cost of construction including cost of materials, personnel, equipment, fuel, etc. to be turned in at a set date and time.  Continually develops cost information library for future bids and improve software programs used for bidding purposes.  Upon award of project, responsible for writing and signing purchase orders; writing subcontracts; obtaining shop drawings and submitting to owner for approval; job cost coding and analysis; and job progress schedule chart.  Prepares superintendent folder that consists of copy of purchase orders, subcontracts, project schedule, chart, cost codes, and telephone numbers.  Keeps President advised of equipment and personnel requirements for project.


Coordinates the personnel requirements for project; assigns equipment to project; coordinates schedule of material deliveries to jobsite; is aware of safety, OSHA, and hazardous waste requirements for project; coordinates insurance claims; purchases small tools for projects; prepares change orders; prepares monthly pay estimates; prepares subcontractor's pay estimates; codes all invoices related to project; reviews coded time sheets, equipment reports, and daily reports - makes corrections if necessary; coordination and correspondence with project owner and engineer; project safety and employee training.  Handles crane operator certification.  Serves on the 401k advisory committee.



Workers should be able to:  communicate effectively; have good negotiation skills; computer spreadsheet knowledge; work long and irregular hours under time constraints; work within standards of accuracy; follow oral and written instructions; delegating responsibility and achieving results through subordinates; have ability to organize and prioritize; read plans and blueprints; look at flat drawing and understand how they would look as solid objects; have valid drivers license; and operate calculator.  Physically, workers should be able to:  see well; use hands, arms and fingers fully; coordinate the movements of hands, eyes, and fingers fully; sit or stand for long periods; move about freely; climb in and out of vehicles and equipment; maintain body balances; stoop; kneel; walk jobs which requires crossing fences, climbing hills, wading streams, and crossing swamps; operate drill test rig; and crouch.​