Aurora, NC - Beaufort County, Bridge #20 Over Smith Creek on NC 33

August 2019

Project: Aurora, NC - Beaufort County, Bridge #20 over Smith Creek on NC 33

Contract Value - $1,791,217

Owner - NCDOT

Project Manager - Kent Basinger

Superintendent - Adam Richardson

Dellinger’s task was to replace an existing bridge in Beaufort County, NC while keeping traffic open using a detour bridge from Acrow. The Acrow bridge required two end bents and a 120' bridge constructed in 10’ sections. Bridge #20 over Smith Creek was a four span concrete deck structure spanning 100' with steel caps and timber piles. This bridge was to be demolished following the erection of the detour structure and replaced with a two-span cored slab structure on steel H-Piles and precast concrete caps.


Dellinger was assisted on the project with grading by B.E. Singleton and Sons out of Washington, NC. With their assistance, superintendent Adam Richardson was able to begin the project with the fill places up to the detour bridge end bent locations. The end bent caps for the detour bridge presented a hefty challenge, the bottom on cap elevation was below the water elevation. With water being mere feet in front of the cap, sheet piles and a 4" centrifugal pump were required to be able to complete the work. The detour foundation was made up of HP 12x53 piles that were driven approximately 90’ deep. Acrow provided the detour superstructure which was brought in on six truck loads. The entire structure was assembled on site. Work space was a big issue, Adam and his crew were only able to put 40' of the structure together before they were required to begin launching the structure out over the creek. With the assistance of All Crane the structure was pushed into place using the crane to act as the counter weight for the bridge.


The new structure presented its own challenges. The project had an out of water moratorium and following the detour installation Adam and his crew had approximately one month to complete all in water work. Through hard work and determination, they were not only able to meet this deadline but beat it by nearly two weeks. The interior bent consisted of metalized HP 14x73 piles. The bent had eight piles that were driven to an average depth of 126'.  All bent caps were precast by Tekna. The choice to go with precast over cast-in-place was made for the speed of placement and to avoid issues with a concrete mix that included corrosion inhibitor.


This project included many challenges with the water levels, the detour structure and the time restrictions. Dellinger, Inc. will return to this project after the out of water moratorium ends on October 1, 2019 to remove the detour end bents and complete all grading, guardrail and striping work.


Dellinger, Inc. would like to thank Adam Richardson and the hard-working team members that make up his crew, as well as all our subcontractors and suppliers that assisted in making this project a success.

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